Saying goodbye to Z10, X25 and ASUS!

Zero Tenacity, X25 Esports and ASUS ROG ELITE officially end their Esports Balkan League adventure as of today, which means that EBL will feature 3 completely new teams in 2022, all of which will be seeded through our EBL qualifiers. 

Z10 & X25

Zero Tenacity started its journey in 2019 through NEL Serbia and the Fortuna Cup. Although they did not find much success in the beginning, the team did not stop developing and growing its appetites. They qualified for the EBL in season 7, when they managed to secure a respectable 5th place on the standings. The following year was a different story. With Spale joining and bringing in Ryuzaki and Meight, Z10 had no troubles reaching the EBL finals, but they fell short to the mighty ŠAIM SE SuppUp. After the withdrawal of their biggest rival the road to the championship title was open and Zero Tenacity lifted its first trophy by winning the EBL season 9.

X25 is one of the oldest teams in our region, with their first showing dating all the way back to 2016 and Gaming Challenge. Their original line-up consisted of klowny, Ryuzaki, Akiles, Clox and Pl0x, the same squad that is credited for securing the greatest success of this team – placement in the finals of EBL season 2 in which they lost to the invincible Kliktech.


Zero Tenacity and X25 Esports didn’t manage to find a suitable buyer for their slot, nor did they want to compete in the upcoming EBL season, so they have decided to forfeit their places in the league leaving their slots vacant.

All teams have the right to try and find another team which would take over their slot and replace them in the upcoming EBL Season. However, each transfer requires league approval which depends on whether the new potential team can fulfill the necessary requirements such as business maturity, having adequate capacities, long-term plans and potential for competitive success – meaning that they should already be at a higher level than most of the current league teams. Since this is the only “direct” way to join the league, the criteria is raised accordingly.

Competitiveness was and is at the heart of EBL, and it will remain the main way to enter. Any team that proves themselves through their results and pure competitive strength during our qualifiers will always have a spot in EBL, at least until the end of the competitive year.

Just like we expect new potential EBL teams to fulfill certain requirements, so we expect that current EBL teams are able to fulfill those same criteria. The only difference is that current EBL teams have a clearly defined period during which they have to adapt in order to keep their spot in the next year.


ASUS ROG ELITE decided to withdraw from EBL after being placed in the relegation tournament due to their 2021 results, which, at least for now, ends their League of Legends adventure that has lasted since 2017 and Fortuna Championship Series.

ASUS ROG ELITE was created by signing the players that made up the ELITE Squad back in 2017. The team played all three FCS finals, but never managed to take one home. However, their herioic spirit legendary plays (Zeka Mundo top htrsh) were fondly remembered and brought the team many fans in the LoL community.

ASUS won EBL in season 3, and still remain the only team from the Balkans that managed to reach the semifinals and the LAN stage at the EU Masters in the summer of 2018 with Bruno, DoubleAiM, Von, Khantos and LIMIT.

How does this impact the upcoming qualifier?

To sum everything up – three teams are leaving EBL and their slots remain vacant. All three slots will be filled out through EBL Qualifiers which are starting tomorrow.

EBL Open Qualifiers: 04 – 05. December

EBL Closed Qualifiers: 06 – 12. December

Qualifier applications are open, all information is available via link, and if you believe that you are good enough – see you in the Qualifiers!