Esports Balkan League is the premier League of Legends league in the Balkan region

As a part of the official pool of national and regional leagues, EBL champions compete in the newly announced pan-European tournament hosted by Riot Games. It also features a whopping 20,000 euros prize pool per season.

The initial 2017 season had over one million views throughout the season and almost 6,000 concurrent viewers in the final series, which makes it the biggest esports show in the Balkans.

Our goal is to provide the players with an opportunity to grow as professionals and build their careers in esports, as well as to deliver the best possible esport product to fans and esport enthusiasts across the Balkans.

Season 2 covers 12 countries as a native region: Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and Cyrpus. The league features 8 best teams fighting in a double round robin "best-of-1" format throughout the season, with the top 4 teams advancing to playoffs.

Each final is held in an offline venue and provides a unique spectator experience to our fans. Follow the action live every Monday and Thursday starting at 19:00 CET on one of our regional channels: