SIGMA CUP – EBL x GLL x HPM Pro-Am event!

What better way to finish off the year than with a tri-regional Pro-Am tournament with a hefty 18.000 euros prize pool and LAN event right in the heart of Athens?

SIGMA CUP is a tri-regional Pro-Am tournament in a collaboration between Esports Balkan League, Greek Legends League and Hitpoint Masters, official ERL’s for their respective regions.

By joining forces, the three organizers will create the most competitive environment in our neck of the woods with teams from EBL, GLL and HPM pitted against each other to be crowned the first ever SIGMA champion live on stage in Athens!

Talking about LAN events, SIGMA CUP isn’t something to remain stationary. Instead, we’ll change the host cities each year in order to bring our event closer to all three participating regions. In 2023, SIGMA CUP will be traveling to Belgrade, while in 2024 you’ll be able to visit the event live in the Czech Republic.

So, how will it actually work?

Each region will hold its own national qualifiers that will qualify 1 team directly to the LAN event, while the 2nd and 3rd place teams will join the multiregional Gauntlet from which only 1 will rise victorious and complete the four team LAN lineup in Athens.


Each region will have its own National Qualifiers that will each qualify 1 team to the LAN event directly, and 2 teams to the gauntlet stage.

For EBL, the national Qualifiers will feature two King of the Hill brackets, one on each side of the… hill. Teams will be seeded by their yearly champions points, with those better placed having a much easier way to qualify. All matches will be Best of 3, while the two matches that actually decide who will go to the Gauntlet and who will secure a place directly at the LAN event will be Best of 5.


After all National Qualifiers are completed, the two best teams from each region that didn’t directly qualify to the LAN event will be thrown into the Gauntlet. This means that the Gauntlet will feature 6 teams in total, randomly drawn into two groups (with the limitation that teams from the same region cannot meet each other in the group stage).

After the Gauntlet group stage is completed, two best teams from each group will move into a single elimination Best-of-5 bracket out of which only 1 team will be able to join the 3 National Qualifier winners at the SIGMA LAN event.


After everything is said and done, 4 teams will meet in the heart of Greece with all T&A expenses covered by their respective regional TO. The top 4 teams will then battle it out to see who will be the first ever SIGMA CUP champion!






  • Open Qualifiers (EBL): 8 October
  • National Qualifiers (EBL): 18-19, 25-27 October
  • Gauntlet Group Stage: 1-3 November
  • Gauntlet Knockouts: 7-9 November
  • Grand Finals: 19-20 November

Prize pool distribution:

  • 8.000,00€ (LAN event winner)
  • 3.500,00€ (LAN event runner-up)
  • 1.750,00€ (LAN event 3rd/4th place)
  • 1.750,00€ (LAN event 3rd/4th place)
  • 1.000,00€ (3 “gauntlet” teams which don’t qualify)
  • 1.000,00€ (3 “gauntlet” teams which don’t qualify)
  • 1.000,00€ (3 “gauntlet” teams which don’t qualify)