The time has come to shake up the status quo and see if there’s anyone in the Balkans that has what it takes to join the best League of Legends teams in our region!

EBL qualifiers are held once a year, meaning this is the only chance to join the EBL through pure competitive merit.

The best teams from the qualifiers will get the opportunity to play against the two worst placed EBL teams in terms of annual points for their place in the Esports Balkan League, and 2022 Season  point distribution looks like this:

Split Raiders and Nexus are the teams that collected the least number of annual points after two splits, so they will have to play matches for survival in the league:

Note: Since the Split Raiders cannot fulfill the requirements of the Rulebook (ERL Rulebook, rule 3.1.11), that is, they cannot keep the lineup from the summer split, their scheduled matches will be considered forfeited, without any further format changes.

The entire qualification format is quite simple, first the open qualifications will be played, after which the best teams will go to the “Rumble” stage where everyone will play each other twice (double round robin). The top two teams move on to the double elimination system for a spot in the league, where they will be met by Nexus KTRL.

Open Qualifiers

The open qualifiers are scheduled for the weekend of September 17 and 18, when two qualifying tournaments open to all teams that meet the requirements of the ERL Rules will be played (the Rules can be found here: RULES)

The open qualifiers will be played in a Bo1 single elimination format until the quarter finals, when the matches will switch to a Bo3 format. Each of the tournaments (one on Saturday, one on Sunday) will qualify the top two teams to the “Rumble” stage.

Rumble phase:

The four best teams from the open qualifiers will play each other twice in the Bo1 format, and the matches will be played on Monday and Tuesday, that is, September 19 and 20. Match start times will be determined later, but all players must be available to play between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM CEST. The two best teams from the “Rumble” phase move on to the relegation where they will fight for their place in the Esports Balkan League.


Offense and defense, whoever is more successful in their task will have the opportunity to compete against the best Balkan LoL teams during 2023. Nexus KTRL will defend their place, while the two best teams from the previous stage will have the task of taking it away and taking their place among the top eight in the Balkans. This practically means that in 2023 we will see at least one new team.

The relegations are played in a double elimination system, where each match will be in the Best-of-5 format. The dates for these most important matches are September 23, 26, and 27.

Applications for open qualifications are open today! Register your team and find your way to the EU Masters!

Read the entire rules at this link: RULES






1.1.1. No Player shall be considered eligible to participate in any ERL or EM Match before having lived 16 full years. This shall not prevent Teams from signing Free Agents who have lived 15 full years, granted that they may not participate in an ERL Match until they have lived 16 full years.

1.4.5. All players who played 50% or more matches in any 1st or 2nd Division ERL may not compete for any other Team in promotion/relegation tournament for that Split.

2.1.2. An Organization or Team may only own one ERL Team across all European Regional Leagues. The scope of ERL is defined as the 1st and 2nd Division of an ERL region.

2.1.3. Organizations or Teams are only allowed to participate in one ERL per Season. Any changes can only take effect between Seasons and must follow the procedures and timeline outlined by the ERL Officials. An Organization or Team must receive approval from both the future ERL Officials and Riot Officials for the change to occur

3.1.8. For Non-Accredited Leagues: Teams will be required to have a minimum of two Locally-Trained Representatives (LTR) and three EU Residents (IMP) on their Starting Line-up at all times. Teams will also be required to have a minimum of three LTRs and four EU Residents (IMP) on their Roster if the Roster has six or more Players.