EBL 2023 - Novi Raspored


New year, new EBL! The premiere of the Esports Balkan League this year is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25 from 19:00, and you can follow the action live via our YouTube, Twitch and Sport Klub Esports TV channels! But why Wednesday and not Monday as we are all used to?

With the addition of three new teams xTremeDominators (qualifiers), Ankora Gaming (instead of Nexus KTRL) and MAGAZA (instead of Auxesis), the most important change this season concerns the match schedule.

In short, EBL is moving to Thursday and Friday as the primary days, but with the addition of a few Wednesdays during superweeks.

Due to the changes in the LEC format where the franchise European league is moved to Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we had to adjust the schedule so that it does not overlap with the LEC broadcasts. Otherwise, if you haven't heard already, the domestic LEC broadcasts will be on Sa1na’s YouTube channel this season.

The first EBL week will open strong with a superweek format on Wednesday January 25th, and the action will continue throughout Thursday and Friday, Jan 26th and 27th. After that, we continue at a regular pace until the last week of the competition, when we will again have three back to back to back EBL days from Wednesday to Friday, March 8th through 10th.

Once we finish the regular season, the top 4 teams advance to the playoffs which will be played in a page format on March 16th, 17th and 21st, while the EBL grand final is scheduled for April 1st!

See you on Wednesday, January 25th at the EBL PREMIERE!

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