Esports Balkan League – Season 6

Get ready for the new round of epic League of Legends when Esports Balkan League returns Monday, January 27!

As usual, you'll be able to follow each match live on Mondays and Thursdays at 19:00 CET via our YouTube channel and our TV channel Sport Klub Esports!.

Let's start from the beginning, what exactly is EBL?

The Esports Balkan League is the official League of Legends competition for the Balkan region.

The top eight teams are battling for their share of the €20,000 prize pool over two months of regular season and playoffs. Following the grand finale that is traditionally played in Belgrade in front of more than 1,000 fans and tens of thousands of viewers on stream or TV, the two best EBL teams begin their journey to conquer Europe.

EBL is a part of Riot's system of European Regional Leagues, each sending its best teams to the European Masters - Europe's largest LoL competition of its kind with a prize pool of €150,000. Players who perform the best in the EU Masters in many cases get the opportunity to play for some of the LEC teams, such as Sacre, Milica and LIMIT.

Last split was characterized by the most watched finals to date, making it the most watched regional esport program ever. Peak concurrent viewers at one point was as high as 10,021 and the finale was attended by more than 1,000 fans.

National Esports Leagues have already produced one EBL team in their first season. The Slovenian league champion, Upper Echelon transformed in a few months from “who?” to 5th place in the EBL regular season. This is a good sign that the amateur system below the EBL level can accelerate the growth of the next generation of LoL players.

First split of 2020 will feature some changes regarding the seed attribution for EU Masters. In order to make the regular season even more important, from now on, the top team on the standings after all 14 rounds will automatically secure a place in the EU Masters and in the worst case will go at least into the playin phase. The league champion still gets his well-deserved place in the group stage of the EU Masters, and if it happens to be the same team, the playin spot will go to the runner-up team in the final.

Why this change? Because we want to reward the team that has proven to be the best all season long, and consistently achieving the best result for the duration of the league.

The league will still be a double round robin, Bo1, while the playoff is Best-of-5 all the way. Eight best teams will start their journey towards Europe and their share of the 20.000 euros prize pool on January 27 with the finals taking place in the last weekend of March.

But, before we dive into a new EBL season, there are a couple of things we need to do. First thing first – EBL Season 6 Qualifiers!

In short, this is our schedule for the next 3 months:

ThePlan and X25 Esports will have to battle it out against the two challenging teams that fought their way through the open and closed qualifiers.

Our NEL system was created to help organize a larger number of amateur teams, incite smaller tournament organizers and talents throughout the region and give less experienced players a chance to start their League career on their home field.

Same as every season, EBL will host a hybrid qualifying system that entails:

Open Qualifiers that are open to any regional team;

Closed Qualifiers that will host 6 national champions, 2 directly invited teams and two best from the Open Qualifiers;

Promotional tournament or qualifier finals, with two best teams from the closed stage battling it out against seeds #7 and #8 from EBL Season 5, in this case X25 Esports and ThePlan.

EBL Open Qualifiers will feature an unlimited amount of teams in a Best-of-1 single elimination format, up until the semifinals. Semifinals, will be played out in a Best-of-3 set. These matches will determine 2 teams that will advance into the next phase.

Sign ups for the EBL Open Qualifiers are open until January 11 and you can find them on Challengermode or by clicking on this button:

Previously invited teams, NEL champions and two open qualifier teams will form the two groups of 5 teams each, that will battle it out for top two spots in the groups. Closed qualifiers are scheduled to happen on January 14-17.

Best two teams from each group will play an additional Bo3 match on January 17 that will determine which two teams advance into the final stage.

After we have our two EBL spot contenders, #7 seed from regular season (X25 Esports) will have a slight upper hand by picking which of the 2 teams from the qualifying phase they want to meet in the double elimination bracket. Winners of first round will face-off in a Best of 5 finals that will decide the first team officially qualified for EBL season 6, but the losers will get one more chance. Loser bracket finals will also feature a Best of 5 format.

These teams will complete our EBL Spring Split 2020 roster, so starting from January 27 up until the big finals scheduled for last weekend of March we'll host close to 60 League of Legends live matches worth of action for you guys to enjoy!

Important rules (complete rule book is available HERE):

  • All players have to be 16 years of age or older before January 27;
  • Open qualifiers are played on EU Nordic and East server.
  • Each team has to have a minimum of 3 Locally Trained Representatives;
  • Locally-Trained Representatives (LTR) are defined as players who have fulfilled one or more of the following criteria:
    • The player has legally resided and been primarily present in the competitive area of the ERL for no less than 36 out of the last 60 months immediately prior to their participation in the first game of the applicable competition.
    • The player has played the majority of applicable matches in an ERL in no less than two of the last three ERL splits immediately prior to their participation in the first game of the applicable competition. Additionally, a split will count towards the LTR requirement for a player who has been on an ERL or LEC Roster for the majority of the split, even if the player has not been actively participating in the respective ERL, as long as they have not been participating in any other ERL.
    • The player has legally resided and been primarily present in the competitive area of the ERL for at least 36 months after their 13th birthday, defined as having lived 13 full years.
    • Competitive region for EBL: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania.
  • Each team has to keep a minimum of 3 players from their final series that qualified them to proceed into the next round. Practically, if players A, B, C, D, E win the Open Qualifier, they have to feature at least players A, B and C in each of the following rounds as well as in the first eight rounds of EBL.
  • Each player that manages to qualify into EBL Season 6 will have to prove his or her residency and sign a Player Service Agreement.
  • Each team that is qualified into EBL Season 6 will have to sign a Participation Agreement with EBL's organizers (Fortuna Esports).
  • This contract is key for establishing prize-pool payouts and teams legal rights, which is why we underline the importance of having a legal entity as the team owner.
  • Organizations and owners that already own a spot in EBL are forbidden from entering any stage of the qualifiers.
  • If a player listed in season 5 roster decides to leave their respective team and joins the qualifiers, they will not be able to play for the same team again for a duration of 6 EBL matches.
  • Players promoted into EBL via the promotion tournament will not be able to join any other EBL teams for a duration of 1 EBL season.
  • Teams and players that successfully qualify to EBL will not be able to sell or otherwise trade their EBL spots. If the team is unable to fulfil any of the criteria needed for joining EBL, their spot will be forfeited back to the organizers.

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