EBL Season 2 – Qualifier

Hey guys, we’re here with the EBL Qualifier info!

Coming into season 2, there is much more on the line apart from the 20.000 EUR prize pool. As of couple of days ago, EBL was officially added to the pool of national and regional leagues that will feed their winners into the new European Tournament hosted by Riot Games. This means that EBL S2 champions will earn their slot together with the rest of Europe’s best national and regional teams. Read all about that here: PATH TO EUROPE

EBL will host a hybrid qualifying system that would determine season 2 competitors. We wish to give every interested team a chance to prove themselves so we’re starting off with our Open Qualifier.

EBL OQ will feature an unlimited amount of teams in a Best-of-1 single elimination format, up until the semifinals. Semis, finals and the 3rd place match will be played out in a Best-of-3 set. These matches will determine 3 teams that will advance into the next phase.

Applications for the EBL OQ will open on 4th of January and they will be published on our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram as well as on our website.

Now this one is a bit trickier. As you’re all aware, we have local partners in Hungary, Greece and Romania working side by side with us to make EBL awesome. With their help, we will chose teams that would represent their respective countries in the closed qualifier. These teams will be public on 14th of January (Adria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria).

Apart from direct invites, 3 teams will earn their spot through the Open Qualifier.

After we have all teams confirmed (by January 14), these 8 contenders will battle it out in a Double Round Robin Best-of-1 groups of 4 teams each. This leads us to the playoff stage where number #1 seeds will meet with number #2 seeds in a Best-of-3 format:

Match #1: Group A #1 vs Group B #2

Match #2: Group B #1 vs Group A #2

Winners of these matches will proceed into the final round of the EBL qualifier – Promotional Tournament.

After we have our  two EBL slot contenders, #7 seed from regular season will have a slight upper hand by picking which of the 2 teams from the qualifying phase they want to meet in the double elimination bracket. Winners of first round will face-off in a Best of 5 finals that will decide the first team officially qualified for EBL season 2, but the losers will get one more chance. Loser bracket finals will also feature a Bo5 format.

Important rules (complete rule book will be available at a later date):

  • All players have to be 16 years of age or older.
  • Each team has to have a minimum of 3 resident players. (Residency is defined as being able to prove a player is living in one of the 12 countries covered by Esports Balkan League: Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania and Cyprus).
  • Each team has to keep a minimum of 3 players from their final series that qualified them to proceed into the next round. Practically, if players A, B, C, D, E win the Open Qualifier, they have to feature at least players A, B and C in each of the following rounds as well as in the first week of EBL.
  • Each player that manages to qualify into EBL season 2 will have to prove his or her residency and sign a player service agreement.
  • Each team that is qualified into EBL season 2 will have to sign a participation agreement with EBL’s organizers (Fortuna Esports).
  • Organizations and owners that already own a spot in EBL are forbidden from entering any stage of the qualifiers.
  • If a player listed in season 1 roster decides to leave their respective team and joins the qualifiers, they will not be able to play for the same team again for a duration of 1 EBL season.
  • Players promoted into EBL via the promotion tournament will not be able to join any other EBL teams for a duration of 1 EBL season.

That’s it for now guys, feel free to ask anything you wish in our Facebook comment section!

P.S. If you’re from Greece / Cyprus, follow TheLeagueGreece for more info on their qualifier!